EmPower: In-Seat Power Supply & Outlets

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Studies show that 90% of airline business and leisure passengers today carry some form of Personal Electronic Device (PED). Of them, 50% are carrying Wi-Fi enabled devices and 36% are carrying multiple devices. As this trend continues to accelerate, passengers depend on passenger power systems to remain productive and entertained. Whether your passengers need operating or charging power for netbooks, smartphones, personal DVD players, laptops or portable gaming devices, EmPower In-Seat Power Supplies satisfy their entertainment and productivity desires.

EmPower In-Seat Power Systems are the premier solution for retrofit in-seat power with STCs and OEM options on Embraer, Airbus, Boeing, regional and long-haul aircraft. In fact, there are nearly 1 Million outlets installed to date.

Power for Everyone. EmPower’s light weight and compact footprint ensure your passengers have ready and convenient access to 115VAC / 60Hz electrical power to provide operating and charging muscle for their entertainment and productivity electronics. EmPower In-Seal Power Supplies have the highest efficiency available in the market. On average, EmPower products weigh between 16% and 40% less than similar competing units and have the widest support for international plug compatibility.

Safe, Reliable and Proven. Each installation is designed to the highest industry standards for passenger power delivery; ASIG’s EmPower STC solutions provide the most available power, up to 200VA per outlet, to support the latest laptops and personal entertainment devices. In addition to being FAA/EASA certified and DO-160D compliant, the 28VDC to 115VAC system is TSO approved. Every EmPower installation is based upon patented, highly efficient power supply technology with enhanced safety features that meet and exceed the most demanding requirements including: GFI circuit protection, intelligent thermal management, over current / over voltage protection and many more.

Passengers and Revenue Models Demand it. Evidence is clear; passengers make their selection of carrier based upon the availability of cabin amenities that includes cabin power. With average laptop battery life less than two hours, and considering most US domestic flights are now 2.5 to 4.0 hours and some last over 6 hours, New York to Los Angles for example, it is easy grasp that passengers desire to be productive, informed and entertained enroute instead of lose otherwise valuable time in transit.

As airline business models seek to derive additional revenue streams through premium cabin service options including internet access and wireless IFE such as ASIG’s OnBoard system, passenger power is necessary to ensure the viability of additional revenue models. With in-flight mobile phone services on the horizon and SMS/ text messaging today’s reality, passengers won’t pay for unlimited IFE or internet access when limited by battery life. It’s time to get EmPowered! Contact ASIG today to discuss a custom EmPower STC solution, installation kitting and equipage!

  • 28 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC In-Seat Power Supply (ISPS)
  • 110 Volt AC Outlet Unit (OU)
  • 5.25 in W x 6.75 in L x 2.50 in H
  • (133.4 mm W x 171.5 mm L x 63.5 mm H)
  • 2.2 lbs
  • (1.0 kg) nominal
  • Input: 28 VDC
  • Output: 110VAC, 60Hz, 225VA total
  • One, two or three outlets with up to 150VA to each OU
  • GFI circuit protection
  • Intelligent thermal management system
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection circuits
  • AC outlet protection (When used with EmPower Outlet Units, power is supplied only when both prongs of an AC plug are inserted simultaneously)
  • Exceeds TSO C73 and FAA Policy Statement for Certification Power Systems in Part 25 Aircraft dated March 18, 2005
  • STC’d on Embraer, Boeing, Airbus, and more
  • The EmPower 28VDC to 110VAC ISPS design is based upon our patented, highly efficient, state-of-the-art power supply technology
  • Provides clean sine wave power for laptop computers and portable electronic devices (PEDs)
  • Power available for up to three outlet units at up to 150VA per outlet; total power of 225VA per ISPS
  • Weight ≤ 2.2 lbs. approximately 40-50% less than competing systems
  • Passive cooling (silent / no fan)
  • Mil-C-38999, Series III input/output connectors
  • EMI compliant – Audio and Radio Frequency filtering
  • Designed and tested to meet RTCA/DO-160E specifications including 28VDC electrical transients, operation from -40ºC to +55ºC at full load
  • 1.97 in H x 1.97 in W x 1.15 in D
  • (50 mm H x 50 mm W x 28.7 mm D)
  • 0.13 lbs
  • (0.06 kg) nominal
  • Output: 110VAC, 60Hz
  • Rated to handle 200VA of power at 110VAC, 60Hz
  • Intelligent safety interlock provides power only when a plug has been properly inserted into the outlet
  • Third ground provides additional system grounding to aircraft structure meeting latest Airbus and Boeing requirements including A380, B787 and A350
  • STC Certified and offerable on aircraft for FAA Part 23 and 25 installations
  • PMA on multiple aircraft types
  • Combined “power available” and “system status” indication LED on faceplate provides user with intuitive visual feedback
  • Used with all EmPower AC power supplies including In-Seat Power Supply (ISPS) and Seat Power Box (SPB)
  • Installed in passenger seats, flight deck, galleys, crew rests, and bulkhead locations to maximize installation options
  • Soft internal backlight LED provides visibility of the outlet in a dark cabin
  • Designed for high reliability
  • Stock and custom colors available
  • Compatible with plugs from over 155 countries
  • Cabin crew controls allow for easy activation, isolation, and human factors monitoring