Fleet Planning & Support Services

Making execution of the most complex strategic plans as simple as “ASIG.”

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, operators need to respond more quickly than ever to changes in the marketplace whether driven financially, regulatory or competitively. When an aircraft undergoes a change of operator — planned or unplanned — there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different tasks and standardizations that need to be organized and completed. That’s where ASIG’s Fleet Planning & Support comes in.

We’ll work as the intermediary between aircraft owner and operator to ensure that all tasks are completed quickly, correctly and 100% reliably. ASIG provides an extensive range of value-added services to help manage the many complexities in remarketing aircraft. Our experienced professionals will work with you to source and evaluate aircraft for acquisition, facilitate aircraft trades, perform or manage required maintenance, airframe standardizations, upgrades and conversions.

In the end, we deliver a complete package to assist operators achieve the greatest ROI through comprehensive cost vs. configuration analysis, value-added services and follow-up customer satisfaction tools that positively affect the bottom line and help your business run more efficiently and profitably.

Regulatory Evolution

FAA and other International rulemaking bodies are constantly evolving the air transportation system to improve the safety and efficiency of operating aircraft in ever crowding airspace. This requires aircraft owners and operators to modernize their communications, navigation and air traffic management sub-systems.

Defining Operational Requirements

The ASIG team is a partner to industry and FAA in defining the short, mid and long term precision operating requirements of aircraft and other vehichles operating in shared air space. Whether you are considering avionic upgrades to one aircraft or an entire fleet, consider letting ASIG work with you, your flight crew and maintenance personnel to ensure that your investment is accomplished to your specification with little or no need for additional improvements throughout the operational life of your aviation assets.

Customer Benefits

  • ASIG's quality systems provide customized solutions and technical expertise that delivers substantial return on investment.
  • Integrated program management solutions ensure higher success rates and faster job implementation with reduced program costs and development time.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the technical condition of aircraft and documentation status provides an accurate picture of the condition and value of the asset.
  • Services are structured to accommodate the requirements of your operations, including maintenance, engineering and certification while adding value to your aircraft investment during its entire life cycle.
  • Multi-disciplined transactions and programs are structured to effectively utilize resources and maximize return on investment.
  • On-site inspections determine the airworthiness of aircraft and ASIG can develop, approve and impliment the necessary repair or maintenance actions to return your assets to service quickly and economically.

To learn more about our Fleet Planning & Support Services visit our RFQ page and submit a project statement of work. Or, contact us today to learn more about how you could benefit.

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